Saturday, February 11, 2017

Take Heed Lest You Fall - Part 2

With every page I read I wanted to read more. And no, it wasn’t the Bible. For some twisted reason, Fifty Shades of Gray was my new bedside reading.

My heart was lonely, and as much as my soul craved time spent with God, my flesh craved lust more.

I touched a little on this last week that when we aren’t satisfied with God, we will try to find something else to satisfy us, and that’s where I want the focus of this article to be: how can we say no to the things of this world so we can say yes to the things of God?

1. Start with your mind.

Almost all sin starts with our mind. It begins with one thought. So in order to become fully satisfied with Christ, our minds need to get rid of all the filth it gets bombarded with daily. Fill your mind with good things, pure things, joyful things (Phil. 4:8).

2. Memorize Scripture.

Part of filling our minds with good things is memorizing Scripture. Truth. See, the devil has a way of convincing us that lies are truth and that real truth is outdated. In order to fight the battle on lust, gluttony, gossip, lying, or (enter your sin of choice here), Scripture is our primary weapon.

3. Pray.

One of the biggest reasons I kept falling victim to sexual sin is because I wasn’t in constant communion with God. I treated Him as a genie almost, asking Him what I wanted and then leaving Him alone until I was in desperate need. But prayer is something that we should hold in high importance. Prayer is instant access to the One who holds our hearts in His hands. Why wouldn’t we pray to Him!

If you are struggling with dissatisfaction, take heart: God is more than enough to satisfy you, and He wants to prove that to you. He loves you with an everlasting love, and no man or book or thing can ever compare.

In His love, 

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