Saturday, February 18, 2017

Selfish Valentine

He walked through the door empty-handed. To say I was a little more than disappointed is an understatement. Didn't he know it was Valentine's Day? I thought that he would have at least given me a bouquet of flowers or a card.
The entire day I wasn't very pleasant. I went to work and purposefully asked people what they received, tempted to seek pity for anyone who asked me what my husband had given me. 
But I sensed God whispering to me: Did you give him anything? 
That made me even more irritated. Um, of course not, he was supposed to get me something. 
The more that I dwelt upon the question, though, the more I realized how selfish I have been to my husband. I expect and expect and expect without giving. And really, that's what we are meant to do--give. This doesn't apply to just marriage or romantic relationships. It applies to friendships and family relationships. If we all--especially Christians--stopped always expecting people to give to us and instead focused on giving to others, then we would be a much more effective witness to Christ and probably happier too! 
So instead of expecting that perfect gift, give. Give your time to someone, help pay for a stranger's groceries. Demonstrate the selfless love that God has shown us. 

In His love,

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