Monday, February 13, 2017

Meditation Mondays - 3 Things I Look for in a Date

Welcome back! Today we will continue in our series of what purity means and how to prepare yourself for your future husband. Let's talk about what I look for in a guy and how some of my standards you can apply to your standards as well. We all look for different things but I hope this will help you out. 

Does this guys share the same relationship and love for God that I do? 

This one is so important. The Bible talks about how we need to be equally yoked. I do not even consider a guy that doesn't love God and have a relationship with Christ. This is one thing I will never back down on and never compromise. I always say that until you find Christ and know Him like I do, don't come looking to win my heart. God has to be the center of his life before I will even consider dating him. 

Does he respect me and my views?

This is another important thing for me. He needs to respect me. I have certain standards and promises that I made to myself and God. Things like waiting to have sex until marriage or saving my first kiss for my wedding day. I will not date a guy that doesn't respect me for this and try to force me into changing my mind. If the guy really wants to date me and get to know me than he will help me keep my promises. 

Is He someone I can pray with?

Prayer is important to me. I want to find a guy that loves to pray just as much as I do. There's a saying, "couples that pray together, stay together." I believe that. One thing that will help me decide if I can date this guy is if He will pray with me whether it be on the phone, in person, or even in a text. I want to feel like I can come to him with a prayer request and that he can come to me. I want us to grow closer in my relationship with God through prayer together. 

These are just three of the things I look for and I hope they were helpful to you. Let me know in the comments below what you look for in guy. 

Blessings and Shalom,
Grace Mae <3 <3 <3 

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