Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve - Emmanuel (Hallowed Manger Ground)

Hi Everyone! 

Can you believe that it's Christmas Eve? Where did the year go? 

This week you have noticed that I have been posting mostly songs the last few days. Again I am posting another song but just wanted to take some time and actually write. 

One thing I have come to realize as I get older is that Christmas isn't about the gifts, the tree, and the lights. Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Without Him we would all be lost. I saw something on facebook that said "one unplanned pregnancy saved the world." I thought that was so profound. I am a huge Pro-life supporter and without getting too much into my views on abortion and what not I will say I never thought of the birth of Jesus like this before. Mary didn't plan to have a baby yet she did. Her pregnancy was unplanned but her baby saved the world. Think about it this Christmas. I pray you all had a wonderful Christmas Eve. I will leave you with this song and be sure to check back tomorrow night for my Christmas post. 

Merry Christmas! 

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