Thursday, May 5, 2016

National Day of Prayer - Wake Up America

Today is National Day of Prayer! I have learned over the past year just how important prayer can be. Don't get me wrong, I always have prayed and know that it is important but this last year my eyes were really opened. One thing that changed for me was when we went to see the movie War Room. Prayer is powerful. Isn't it wonderful that we can pray anytime? I love the fact that God is never too busy to listen. Prayer is one of the things that have gotten me through some really rough times and still gets me through every day.

Every year we observe National Day of Prayer and this year the theme is "Wake Up America". That couldn't be more fitting for today with what's going on in our nation. In my last post I mentioned a little bit about the election news. Today I would like to write a little bit more on the subject because I feel that it ties in with the theme this year. 

First off I don't want to start an argument. I do want to say that we as a nation is in trouble. The news is all about Abortion, same sex marriage, and transgenders. My heart is broken thinking of how far our nation has come away from God. It's really sad. We need to stand up and fight to bring our nation back to God. I will be going into more about politics as we get closer to election time but let me just tell you that the most important thing we can do now is PRAY! PRAY! and PRAY some more. God is in control and He is the answer.  So I encourage you today to take time and just pray. Ask God for guidance and cry out to Him on behalf of our nation. 

I found this song on YouTube and thought it was very fitting for today. Hope you enjoy and remember to take time to pray today and everyday. 

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  1. I agree with everything you said. It is so sad to see what is happening to America. When the Declaration of Independence was written, the writers pledged to keep God in the government...that sure has changed. :/
    Happy belated National Day of Prayer! :) My family and I will continue to pray for our country!