Thursday, March 3, 2016

Fuller House TV Show Review

WARNING: There are spoilers in this review!

At last the wait is over! Fuller House was released on Netflix Friday February 26th. I can't tell you how excited I was for this show to come back. Even though I wasn't born until after the original show ended I have grown up watching reruns and have all 8 seasons on DVDs. Now 20 years later I was really looking forward to seeing all my favorite characters come back and watch them as adults just like I am.

Well let me tell you that I watched the first episode and thought it was really good. All the memories came back and I cried, laughed, and was so happy.

As the season went on I must say I was very disappointed in how much they changed this show. It is definitely not a family friendly show. Now don't get me wrong, I figured that they would take on some of today's topics but never figured that it would be taken so far.

First off the low cut clothing that Stephanie wears is way to revealing. There are sexual innuendos, a whole lot of drinking and scenes that promote homosexuality. Episode 3, was the worst episode of all. It had a scene in where DJ and Kimmy were performing a dance routine that they referred to it as dirty dancing. They win the competition and called the Luscious Lesbian couple. Other episodes include two guys kissing and two women kissing.

As a Christian, I am really sad and disappointed in this show but also disappointed in Candace Cameron Bure. She lives a Godly life and outspoken about her faith but yet she approved of this and chose to be a part of it. What I have always been taught is that modesty is important and that we need to remember that we are representing Jesus with how we act, what we say, how we dress, and what we do. Also the Bible tells us that marriage and relationships should be between one man and one woman. Homosexuality is a sin.

My heart is broken over this show. It could've been a great family show but instead of that it is more for adults and even then I had a hard time watching it. Even though I know what is right and what is wrong I'm really sad. No one should watch inappropriate shows and this is pretty much trash.

There are some funny parts in the show like the kids of DJ and Kimmy which I loved. It could've been a great show instead it focused more on sex, drinking, and boy crazy.

All I leave you with is please use caution when you watch this show and do not let your children watch this alone. The show is rated G but in my review I would rate it PG-13 at least.

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