Saturday, May 3, 2014


Rainbow Braid Rubber Bands!!! They are my new favorite bands. I was sent these to review for free. The following is my own thoughts and opinions.

Super stretchy, they don't smell, and the color variety is AWESOME!!! The customer service was very good. They answered my emails really quick which was nice.

I highly recommend these. I found that when I made a bracelet using these bands it took a lot less then other brands. For instance when I make a single chain bracelet I usually use 24-26 bands but with these I cut down and only had to use 20.

The Glow in the Dark ones are nice. You get 6 different color then the normal white ones. 

If you like a little bling then the Glitter ones are for you. 

With all these bands, many hours of fun and bracelets can be made. If you want your own set you can order through the price is a very good value. 

Thanks for joining me and I will be posting some of my bracelets soon. I haven't been blogging lately but that is due to health issues. I hope to be back soon. I have missed you all.


  1. Good review of these bands. I know you did a lot of experimenting with them.

  2. Enjoyed this. I know you did a lot of experiments with these bands.

  3. I don't think I've ever seen a bracelet made with rubber bands! And these don't smell?!? Wow! I hope you post a picture of a finished bracelet because I want to see one. :)