Friday, February 14, 2014

Fun Fridays - Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!! Hope you are have a wonderful day and spending time with the people you love. God loves us all so very much.

As I celebrate Valentines Day I am thankful that I gave my heart to God! He is all I need!!! When He is ready to give me my perfect Valentine I will be ready but until that day I am happy to wait and have God as my Valentine. To all my friends who are single, don't worry or be sad, God knows when and who He is going to send to you. We need to wait for His timing. Happy Valentines Day!!! Love y'all    

Why don't you take a minute or two and cutout a paper heart. Write on the heart one reason why you are glad God loves you. Have Fun!!! 

See y'all on Monday :)

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  1. Hi Grace!
    I'm glad to see another post up. :) I like the short and sweet posts. ;) They are easier to read when you are busy. Hope your weekend is wonderful!
    Love you!