Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What Not Wednesdays - Cattle

Welcome back to another What Not Wednesday. Today I am going to share my cattle herd with you all. I bred and raise Gelbvieh Cattle. I have 4 Mama Cows, 3 yearling Heifers, and 2 new baby fall calves. Here are pics. Hope you enjoy them and see y'all back again for Fun Friday. 

Secret Touch and Penny

Penny getting fed

Skipper, Ginger Snap's calf

Is There Someone coming??

Like Mother Like Daughter

Ginger Snap and Skipper

That's all folks. There is the two Mama Cows and the 2 new babies. I will try and get pics of the rest of my herd and post next week. See y'all on Friday.

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