Monday, October 7, 2013

Meditation Mondays - What Does God Want?

Hello and welcome back. Thanks for joining me again. Today is a deep lesson so please if you aren't ready you can stop reading now. If you are ready let's continue.

I don't have a Bible Verse for you today. Instead we are going to just jump right in.


Today's lesson is on What Does God Want? That is a hard question to ask. 

Us as humans want to do what we want, when we want it instead of waiting and asking God. I know I struggle with this everyday. It is that we need to let go and let God have control of the wheel. We need to let God take the lead because we can't do it on our own. We loose our way when we think we know better than God. We need to spend time with God and be still and listen for His voice. 

Now I am talking not just to you all but to myself too. I struggle with know what God wants me to do. Maybe you are at a point in your life that you are wondering Why am I here? What can I do? Please know that life is an adventure and God is our Guide and Teacher. He knows what is best for us and when the right time is even if we think it's not.            

So God, what do you want to do today?


Dear Father, God, Thank you for allowing me to share today with your children. Help me and each and every one who reads this to learn to ask you what you want to do with our lives. Amen :-)

Before I go I wanted to share with you a song that talks about what I just shared. It is called Today by: New World Son. Hope you enjoy and God Bless :-) See y'all on Wed.  



  1. It's a little hard to read these posts when they are different color and the background is so busy. Just a thought. :)

    If we are willing to be led by our Heavenly Father, He will show us the way and we will find fullness of joy. That doesn't mean that every step we take will be easy, but we can rest knowing that He sees the beginning and the end.

  2. Agree.

    God is already there (actually, that is the name of one of my favorite songs.