Monday, October 21, 2013

Meditation Mondays - Fixing Our Eyes on God

Welcome back for another Meditation Mondays!!

Today I would like to talk about fixing our eyes on God. Sometimes it seems that we have everything planned out but then things change. God knows better and wants us to make our focus on Him and Him alone.

Francesca Battistellli tells us in her song Strangely Dim that when we fix our focus on God everything will grow strangely dim.

See y'all back here on Wednesday!! Love and Prayers, Grace Mae


  1. It's easy to say, "Keep your eyes on Jesus," but it's harder to do it. How do you keep your focus on Christ, Grace?

  2. I read my Bible, Pray, Listen to Christian Music, and Pray some more. It is hard sometimes but I always try my best.