Friday, October 25, 2013

Fun Friday - Song: Capturing the Moment

Welcome back to Fun Friday. Today I promised to share the lyrics to my Capturing the Moment song.

I dedicated and wrote this song after our pastor's wife's grandma went to be with the Lord last year. It is about needing to take time right now and tell the people you love how much they mean to you.

Capture every moment as we never know what life will bring. Enjoy the lyrics. Check out Modest Maniac on YouTube for a video of me singing the song. It is my friend Megan's channel.

We're gonna make it last
While we still have the chance
To tell you right now
How much we love you
We're capturing the moment

Verse 1: 
This life that we live
Is more then we can give
So wrapped up in this world

This is the time
For us to draw the line
Before it's too late

Verse 2:
So when you see someone you love
Take the time right now to say
Just what they mean to you

We're capturing, oh we're capturing, the moment

(c) Oct. 2012 Grace Mae Tallman, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


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